A new category for the forum?

@darcy Would it be a good idea to set up a forum category for “user exchange”? I am a bit fixated on this idea of “user exchange” but I think that it is good.

In this category people could post either complete style files or scheme functions (using the backticks ```) or links to their style files / templates / scheme functions.

I think that if people start exchanging style files and packages it could stimulate more people to write for TeXmacs and maybe there would be very nice contributions.


Nice idea. I have plenty of ugly code to share.

For example, someone could feel motivated enough to write a package for typesetting chemistry (I read somewhere that JvdH too would like to see such a package) or as another example a package for plotting functions in the native graphics format of TeXmacs (here one would need to put together a parser to transform mathematical expression into the Scheme syntax I think).

I have created the new catalog.

This is the about page for the requested catalog:

Nice and thanks! I have categorized in the new category a post of mine (the one with the link to the program that formats physical quantities with SI conventions).