Can you wrap text around an image?

Is it possible in TeXmacs to insert an image (or table) and wrap text around it?

I can think of some “hacky” ways to achieve this, such as constructing a 2-cell table with the displayed image/table in one cell and the text in the adjacent adjacent cell, and reducing the padding so that the text in the second cell seems like it flows smoothly from inside the table to outside the table. However, this means carefully restructuring the text upon editing some of it to make it look right, which seems…well, anti-TeXmacs, sort of!

I feel like I’m missing something obvious! Does anyone know how to achieve this? I’m sure this is within TeXmacs’ capabilities one way or another!

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As far as I know it is not possible. I discussed it some time ago with @mgubi on the mailing list. I feel this is a good feature request.

I wonder how TeX does this.

Those who understand TeX code (I do not) could find an answer in the code of the wrapfig package (

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