Create Shortcut to A Function

Hi all,

I am trying to configure a new keyboard shortcut for the “Indent” function. I am aware there is an “Edit Keyboard Shortcuts …” Window, but I am unsure what I should fill as a command to add a new Indent into the current cursor.

The keybinding-related links in TexMacs Manuals are ALL broken, and the Wayback machine shows they are broken since at least 2015… It sure is a bit frustrating to see broken links everywhere.

Help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @xade and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately the tool for inserting keyboard shortcuts seems to be broken. The links in the online manual are broken too as far as I recall :wink: I did not check them again before answering to you but I am now guessing they point to an old version of the manual.
The integrated documentation on the other hand should have working links—I checked a few of them before posting. You can access it through the Help menu (Help->Search->Documentation or Help->Full manuals—TeXmacs will take a bit for showing up the full user manual, stealing the focus till it has generated it). The help section that treats keyboard shortcuts is 12.4, but it is very synthetic.

You can also take a look at the two following threads:

for example of shortcuts:

for where to find the personal configuration file:

Perhaps this is at the same time too much information and too little for writing the keyboard shortcut that you want, so please let me know if you need more to the point help.


Thank you for the warm welcome and help. I read through the TeXmacs documentations and managed to bind the keys. TeXmacs is indeed an amazing piece of art :grin:

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for myself i made this and it seems to work :
(kbd-map (:mode in-text?) (“a z i” (insert ’
in my-init-texmacs.scm