Geometry diagrams / function plotting in Windows

Make sure that the command python3 is available in cmd.exe or powershell.

Python3 isn’t, but python is.

Hi @darcy, I installed Python from Windows Store and it work fine. Now I want to work with the package Numpy, Do you know How can I install it?

@MillerSilva: please try and see if my answer at How install numpy in TeXmacs helps
@darcy As far as I understand, the need to install Python from the Windows Store comes from the fact that if you install Python on Windows with the Windows installer ( you get by default only the command python in the Windows environment (pls. forgive the possibly wrong language). In fact, how to change the Python version is documented at
Perhaps it could be useful to make Windows users more aware that they can use the “standard” Python installation by writing a small section for this case in the readme of (if you want, I can do that and submit a PR).

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