How to: Edit or Move Text? Select Multiple Objects? Place text over Image? Etc

I’ve been working with TeXmacs all day now and Googling and watching Videos …

But I still can’t find answers to some simple questions like …

1 - How to edit text?
2 - How to select a text frame and move it?
3 - How to select any other object and edit it or move it?
4 - How to select multiple objects so you can group them?
5 - How to create “Layers” in TeXmacs?
6 - What does “Ink Hear” mean?
7 - How to draw or place text over an imported image?
8 - Can I import or paste in a SVG file (like from Inkscape)?
9 - Are common Electronic Symbols available in a library?
(Like Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transistors, etc)

I sure would appreciate some help getting over the “newbie” hump on this program. I’ve been hammering away all day on it and now my eyes are starting to roll back in my head :frowning:

Thanks to any kind soul that will guide me along.

PS Running the latest edition of Texmacs on a Windows Pro 64-bit 10 PC

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I assume your questions are relative to the drawing tool.
Let me answer to 1 - 2 - 3 and either someone else or myself later will answer to the rest.

1 - Select the text tool, then left-click on a text box, the cursor should appear in the text and then you can type
2 - Select the Move tool, then left-click on a text frame and then drag
3 - a) For moving the object, select the Move tool, left-click on the object and drag
3 - b) for editing the object, hover above it with the mouse, till one of the control point is highlighted, then left-click and drag and you will move around that control point and modify the object with it

For question 5, if you mean overlays to show objects progressively, then I have an example here Does TeXmacs beamer have a way to make images "appear" and "disappear"?. There is an interesting related function called alt-colors for beamer style, but I didn’t figure out how to use it.

If you mean the layers in a usual drawing program for arranging objects in different order, then the function is missing in TeXmacs afaik.

This old tutorial on the graphics mode is still mostly pertinent to understand how to perform basic operations:

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4 - select group-ungroup tool, select objects with the right mouse button, end selection and group selected objects with the left mouse button
5 - third button from the left in the draw tools ribbon, but I do not know how to use it
6 - please see answer to 7 (I may miss something on the distinction between “Ink here” and “Draw over selection”, other item in the same menu)
7 - select image, then “Ink here”, you will get the freehand tool for drawing over the image, and you can change tool as well, going from “Ink here” to the more general “Draw over selection”; among the tools tere is a text tool as well.

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8 - Yes, though SVG support is limited at the moment to SVG 1.2 Tiny, due to the use of Qt to read SVG. This may change in the future.
9 - Some electrical symbols are defined in TeXmacs/progs/graphics/graphics-markup.scm, but they don’t seem to be accessible from the interface. You could try calling them in a Scheme graphic:

Now we can insert or link an image and use Draw over selection to draw shapes and put text over the image. But can we insert an external image into an already open drawing? I don’t find any button or menu items for that.

You can put an image inside a text element inside a drawing. It’s a bit counterintuitive…


On the positive side, it is uniform :slight_smile:

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