How to modify build-in shortcut for items in menubar

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As shown in the figure below, to insert an item, one could use alt-I. But I find it does not work at all.

Can we modify this shortcut by hacking into TeXmacs?


One can add a new shortcut, using kbd-map (let me know if you need more detail).

There is also an undocumented function, kbd-unmap (How to disable a builtin keyboard shortcut without modifying system files), that removes existing shortcuts, which does not work on the shortcut for starting a list (further post in the same thread reports the same How to disable a builtin keyboard shortcut without modifying system files).

This said, in my TeXmacs the shortcut for a new list is alt-i with lowercase i. Capital I does not work. Could you try lowercase i?


More information:
the command for a new list is (make-tmlist 'itemize)
The shortcut is defined text/text-kbd.scm in as

("text i" (make-tmlist 'itemize))

and I did not figure out how the key that corresponds to text is assigned.


Use + tab

You can use the alternative markdown style shortcut: + tab.

And that’s a solved problem in Mogan Research v1.2.2:

I have removed Alt+I in Mogan Research because it is conflicted with the macOS system shortcut.

Mogan Research is a distribution of GNU TeXmacs, you can install it along with GNU TeXmacs.

Use esc esc i to simulate Alt i

I guess you are using the Emacs keyboard style, for GNU TeXmacs, in the macOS keyboard style, it is Ctrl i instead of Alt i. Using esc, esc esc, esc esc esc to simulate the prefix key is documented in Help -> Configuration -> Keyboard Configuration

Define your own keyboard via Scheme

That’s a bit complicated, you’d better read carefully about the Scheme related documents, and then start to customize GNU TeXmacs via Scheme.

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text is a key prefix defined in

text is cmd, and cmd is A- for Emacs/Linux/Windows styles but is C- for macOS in GNU TeXmacs.

It means if we re-define text to ctrl, all shortcuts prefixed with text will be prefixed by ctrl.

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