How to show author+year+journal instead of number in citation?

This is desirable in slide presentations. I enabled the cite-author-year package and used the macros such as cite-author-year and cite-author, but it still displays a number.

Probably it is meant to work with a specific bibliography style. You might want to look at the inner workings to get a clue if this is the case.

According to this post, you need to put a bst file (e.g. plainnat.bst) in $HOME/.TeXmacs/system/bib, and then select bibliography style to be plainnat.

However it seems that it only shows Name + Year; maybe you have to create a custom bibliography to show journal as well.

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Yes, this is close to what I want.

BTW, the file plainnat.bst may already exist somewhere, as it works by typing plainnat in the menu Other... in Style, without the file in $HOME/.TeXmacs/system/bib.