How to type author and institution in Poster editing

Hi dear community,

I am new in TeXmacs and I’m very excited with it.

Right now Im trying to make a Poster but, I cannot find any tag related to “Author” or “Institution”, I have only typed my “poster title”, and some blocks.

I haven’t found any useful thing in Google.

Can anyone help me in here.

Thank you!

I went through the macros defined in poster.ts and I did not find a macro for the authors or the institution. I suspect that the style itself may be incomplete and that you need a hack.
The standard macro doc-data does not work well together with the poster-title macro that generates the poster title.
Let us see if anyone is able to help you better than I did.

Hi, thank you for your replay.

I did it with a table tag. I hope they can improve more the Posters in the future.

By the way, do you know some cool websites to learn more about TeXmacs, tutorials preferably besides of the ones of youtube?

Thank you pireddag!

Please take a look here:

We (we = a few people :wink: ) hope to add material. I am willing to write under request if I find that I can write a good article.

This as well could be interesting:

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