Insert->session ->R does not start R session in Texmacs 2.1.1 in Windows

Dear Jeroen

At present I am testing it, as per the instructions given, That is, after download, unzipped, renamed the folder to ‘jupyter’ and then copied the entire folder to plugins folder of the home path, i.e. not in the program files path. Then, opened Texmacs, did tools=>update=>plugins. Then restarted Texmacs.

This time jupyter plugin started showing as Insert => Session =>Jupyter=>default as one option and the other option as Insert => Session =>Jupyter=>Python was not found; run without arguments to install from the Microsoft Store, or disable this shortcut from Settings > Manage App Execution Aliases.

I chose both options one by one and in both cases, and the results were still the same, see the copied output below:



Let me inform you that I have both Python 3.11.3 and the latest JuypterLab installed. In the latter, IR kernel is showing and working. But, why I don’t like either Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Notebook and Rmarkdown, because both follow markdown for wirting text materials, other than the R codes, which is very clumsy, and NOT as per the standards of a good typeset article or book. I liked the same in TeXmacs, but here I am suffering from problems with R plugins.

Still, I hope you would be able to do something real good.

With regards,

Dr. A.K. Singh

Have you tried following this suggestion? IIRC, Windows has some aliases for Python that prevent Python-based plugins from running.

Dear jeroen,

Frankly, I didn’t understand the meaning of this message. If you have understood, then kindly tell me what to do? Is there any settings that I can change to get the solution. Please tell. I will try

With regards,

Dr. A. K. Singh

This message is referring to a setting in the Windows settings menu.

Once you’re in the Windows settings menu, search for alias. There should be one for python.exe, which you should turn off.


Wonderful, your idea and your jupyter plugin both worked. Thank you very much. Its IR option worked for me. I was only having a lingering hope with our conversations, otherwise, had this not been successful, I would have been forced to uninstall TeXmacs for the lack of interactive R-sessons, and would have lost the opportunity of using a good Editor for Statistics and Mathmatics people like TeXmacs.

I wish a very grand good luck for completing the rest of the features for this jupyter plugin, and hope that, please keep sending me the link for fresher version of this plugin.

Also, similarly, I wish, if you do not feel it like a burden, please do make the R plugin also work directly in TeXmacs. I was lucky to get your help. Otherwise, all other users of R may not be that lucky.

Thanks again and regards,

Dr. A.K. Singh