Mogan Research v1.2.3 released

Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear @darcy,

Thank you for your work.

Would it be possible to release a “portable” version of Mogan Research? I tried installing the software on Windows and just copying the program to a new computer and it seems to work fine. One can even put it into a different directory!

I think officially supporting a “USB stick” installation is important. In many university accounts one does not have admin rights to install software but using Mogan on a class computer is an important use case.

For example, has a portable TeXmacs release here (unofficial but more up-to-date).


portable version will be available in Mogan Research v1.2.4.

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Thanks a lot for this @darcy
I successfully installed on Kubuntu 22.04 with a little tweak but failed to install with a regular “xmake install”. I suspect that row 525 and following in the xmake.lua is specific for macox but lack a is_plat(“macosx”):

os.cp("$(buildir)/Info.plist", app_dir … “/Contents”)

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Portable version for windows is available now in Mogan Research v1.2.4 rc1:

I will release v1.2.4 about 8 hours later. Please tell me if there are any severe bugs (eg. crashes, freezes)

Line 525 is ok, because the packager for debian does not use this target. To package on debian, just


I tried the latest version, and while the latex export has been fixed, I find it slower than older versions. I am back to mogan 1.1.3. That’s the last good version that is fast, latex copy works, and has less resource requirement. For some reason, latest versions of mogan consume twice the cpu of older version when idle.

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I will add 1.1.3 to recommended old releases.

v1.2.4 is available now.

Should not be the truth because @jingkaimori do improved the performance on the basic string and array:

Could you tell us the reproducible steps to show 1.2.3 is slower than older versions?