Overriding page header / footer seems broken (2.11, Windows)?

I’m on 2.11 under Windows. I’m unable to override the general header/footer on a single page using the Format->page dialog.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Have a document style generic, plain theme. Set header/footers via Document->Page->Headers and set ‘page-rendering’ to ‘paper’ so that headers/footers show on screen. On a certain page, choose Format->page and change header/footers from ‘unchanged’ to something else. Close the dialog. On the page the old header/footer is displayed unchanged. When re-opening the dialog the new header/footer text is not there and ‘unchanged’ is shown instead.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for reporting this. I get the same, the dialog doesn’t seem to affect the current page footer. It looks like a bug.

For now you can set the current page footer using \set-this-page-footer.

Thanks Jeroen, the workaround works for me! Btw, note that the same issue exists with setting the page number, so it would be great to fix this all in one.

This works for me when using Format -> Page. You may need to refresh first (Ctrl-Shift-R).

This does affect the page number for subsequent pages as well.

I’ve reported it here: