Put text at the bottom of a page? (make vspace actually expand)

Hi, I’m still having more questions :slight_smile: but that’s great and it means Texmacs is just performing well, it’s just that I don’t know how to use it :slight_smile:

This time, I’d like to know how to put some text at the bottom of the page. Example is for example the last page of a book that contains the ISBN or the print date, or in the first pages of a book for some light credits. In LibreOffice, I would generally hack the page footer for this specific page and put the number of lines that I need. With texmacs however, it seems the page footer cannot break lines.

Basically, I had the idea of doing:

    Previous page content



        Credits for the cover photograph: blah blah blah...

    <page-break*>This is the next page

My idea is to use \page-break instead of \new-page because page-break seems to generally ensure the previous page is justified vertically (it tries to avoid space at the bottom). I thought that adding a \vspace before my paragraph that is intended to be shown at the bottom of the page would take all space available so the paragraph is at the bottom, but it does not work.

Of course, I can set the vspace length to match approximately the space needed to shift my paragraph down, but I’d like something that sticks at the bottom of the page independent of the font size or other things I could put at the top of the page.

is that possible?

As far as I know there is no macro that does that in TeXmacs. There is the macro htab for doing that horizontally

Perhaps someone else knows better.

I tried to put my text in a float and tell the float to float to the bottom of the page (edit: the where parameter set to bh), but it will not float to the real bottom of the page, just at the end of what’s already in the page.

edit: even if using <float|footnote|bh|...> it inserts as a footnote (with the footnote separator which I would like to avoid) but it’s not at the bottom of the page either.

edit: on (La)TeX this is how it is done : https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/245247/putting-text-at-the-bottom-of-the-page and it’s discussed here : Automatically vertically center content in a Beamer slide

Not ideal but a vspace* computed on the basis of a 0.9pag does the job…

  <vspace*|<minus|0.9pag|<times|<look-up|<box-info|test|h>|0>|1tmpt>>>Credits goes to bla bla bla.

Credits goes to the linked topic above


great solution, showing some interesting features, in particular \look-up and \box-info, which I didn’t know. it would not work generally since it assumes the page is empty.

Maybe prepending a “page break before this paragraph” fixes that.