"Specfic" tags do not allow multiline input


The specific tag does not allow for multi-line arguments. This seems to be somewhat arbitrary.

I am making a TeXmacs file that I can use to easily convert to LaTeX without having to post-process it. To do so I am defining some commonly used macros in my preamble and I would like to define some LaTeX-specific code. The suggested way to do so is using the “specific” tag e.g.
However, I cannot include multi-line input in the tag. This restriction seems somewhat arbitrary. Am I misunderstanding something? If not I will file a bug.

As a side note: where is it defined whether a tag accepts multi-line arguments or not?

Finally: Please do not suggest to use style files. I am aware of them. On windows per-project style files do not work currently.

The only suggestion I have is to submit it as an enhancement request in the bug tracker :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I did so here: GNU TeXmacs - Bugs: bug #62800, Allow specific tag to have… [Savannah]


I hope my requests are not annoying and apologize profusely if they are. I really like TeXmacs and I am trying to become a power user. It may be that some things I have in mind to do not follow “best practices”. I do read the manual and do a best effort to understand the philosophy, but I might not be getting it. If this is the case, please tell me so explicitly and please suggest how to approach things more correctly: I will not be offended by a response that tells me: this is not how you are supposed to do it. I actually was thinking of writing some expository posts in “User Exchange” to help people in a similar situation.

Currently, this question is related to implementing a reasonable 2-person collaboration solution with me using TeXmacs (or simply a way to streamline LaTeX export). I explain the use case in the bug report.

Thanks again to everyone involved.

Many thanks for filing the feature request. It seems like a useful feature and as far as I can tell it is currently possible.

I believe there has been a question about this on the forum before, so you’re not the only one who would want it!

I think the TeXmacs blog may be better for that, here it would be fine but I do not think there is a way to make posts “stick” so your posts would become invisible after a while, like this post has done :slight_smile: