A poll on user background

Although only a small group is using Texmacs. Is it still possible to run a poll on background of users? Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, Physists or Programmers? I would like to suggest:

If the forum supports a poll function, one could just run a standard poll.
Otherwise, people just post his background in the follwing format:

5 years
some programming exprience with lisp

The above is my background. If people are joining, I can maintain a summary page. I hope people would join this poll, thanks.

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Scientist in Fluid Mechanics
10 years
programming experience in python, c++, fortran


Please contribute as a measure for the growth of community

Materials scientist. + 15 years. Programming langages : python, Matlab. Now trying to learn Scheme.

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Scala Programmer
3 years work experience
Programming Lanuages: Scala, Java, C++, Guile Scheme, Python