A very long equation under square root

I’m trying to enter a formula like this in TeXmacs:

I cannot use ‘Math->several equations’ to do the line break and alignment since it is under the same square root.
I don’t know how to add a new line in it, here is what I get if I continue typing:

Really appreciated if you can let me know some options to achieve this.
Thanks in advance.

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you can put a table (example, a plain tabular) inside a math expression, and the table can go under a square root sign. I obtainmultiline_equation

where I have also tweaked a bit the spacing between table rows. The upper part of the square root sign isn’t straight, it is a TeXmacs bug I think.


Yes, it seems so. I also noticed in some situations that the bar over the square root does not align always perfectly. We may want to file a bug.


Thanks pireddag for your help. I can input the equation now (with the same minor bug):

I also tweaked the spacing by cell alignment to right.
But what I learned further is to cascade the macros, table inside math here but I’m sure I’ll use more combinations.
Thanks again for your help!


I have seen that you submitted it (https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?62423), thx!

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You can Calculate square root of number using different methods

Hi @Bambi and welcome to the forum. I think that the original poster of this thread is concerned with writing (not calculating) an expression under the sign of square root. But still yours is an interesting link.