Adding next generation note taking / brainstorming to TeXmacs

So it seems that Roam Research and Obsidian are the best examples of next generation note taking / brainstorming software. Studying these two apps carefully could help us come up with features to add to TeXmacs to support advanced note taking / brainstorming.

Roam research tutorial course playlist:

Also see these videos:

Yes, this would be fantastic.

I think that this could be done very simply, in a similar way to org-roam in Emacs.

  1. There is a database that stores titles <-> file names, and also links
  2. Some commands for querying the database for a title and inserting a file link

The thing that is blocking me right now is there doesn’t seem to be a good way of selecting a title; i.e. in emacs we just use ivy/helm/icomplete, but there isn’t really an analogue for TeXmacs.

Some articles on this topic: