Annotated Equations in TeXmacs?

Direct and convenient support for annotated equations would be very cool!


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A really cool feature!

I think you should post it on mail list.

No doubt about this, very nice !
Don’t know if Texmacs as the necessary tools already available for this kind of feature

Any Texmacs tools that could mimic this feature ?
Thanks :wink:

The annotated equation written in LaTeX ( looks better, but I think that this, drawn in about twenty minutes with “Draw over selection”, is also ok.

Things to improve that I noticed

  • it is difficult to select text (maybe only when in the border of the drawing, i. e. the parts outside the selection?), to change text attributes better delete and rewrite
  • I did not understand how to select objects that are hidden by other objects (but I did not read the manual)
  • I have not been able to increase the size of superscripts
  • LaTeX arrow tips look nicer
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@pireddag Do you mean you’ve made the annotated-equation-cropped.png image in Texmacs ?
If so, may I ask if you can share the .tm file : it looks realy good ! :grin:
Many thanks for your helpful feedback :+1:

There you are.

By the way, turning on the grid when drawing is helpful when, e.g., aligning arrow tips with respect to each other and to text boxes and so on.





    cyan|<text-at|<small|<math-ss|maximum object
    of <math|j<rsup|th>> service>>|<point|1.4|0.8>>>|<with|color|blue|arrow-end|\|\<gtr\>|<line|<point|3.9|1.4>|<point|0.6|1.4>|<point|0.6|0.2>>>|<with|color|blue|<text-at|<small|<math-ss|number
    of other objects>>|<point|0.6|1.5>>>|<with|color|magenta|<text-at|<small|<math-ss|number
    of objects>>|<point|-2.5|0.9>>>>>|3cm>


Many thanks @pireddag it’s very nice :+1: