Author year citation not working and Reference Search Feature is invisible


Currently, when I type \cite, a magnifying glass does appear

but , when I type \cite-author, a magnifying glass does not appear

I have enabled `Tools -> Database tool, Data -> Open bibliography. From there I imported bibtex file to the internal database.

I hope someone can help. I am learning TeXmacs, so that is why I am asking so many questions here. I appreciate any help.


Hello, it seems like cite-author is not detected as bib cite context. Looks like only cite, nocite, cite-detail and cite-TeXmacs are cite contexts from what I can gather in the generic-edit.scm definition. How did you insert the cite-author macro and where did you find out about this macro? There is no mention of it in the texmacs manual.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I inserted it by typing \cite-author enter and I found out about it here How to show author+year+journal instead of number in citation?
Very possible that it is the wrong command since I am a newcomer to TeXmacs.

are there anywhere Vancouver and APA style files I could use?
For the diamond journal I am editing, I need Vancouver style and for my writing, I need APA very often.
So, I could use the command \cite and get numerical and author-year citations it only depends upon the style file if I understand correctly.

Thanks a lot!

I don’t really know about this one. Such a style does not seems to be defined by default. Maybe someone else knows.

As far as I understand you have to let TeXmacs fall back on bibtex: give as style the name of a style that is available for your bibtex distribution and TeXmacs will run bibtex with that style and get the list of references from bibtex. I tested it on Linux using plainnat as style (typing plainnat in the Style box, in the ribbon, while the cursor is in the bibliography—but not in the references—Style->Other) and it worked.
I did not get it to work on Windows with MikTeX but maybe I did not do the right things.

Hi @pireddag and @wosined,
that is also a task I need a little bit help from your side :slight_smile: How do I make TeXmacs fall back to BibTeX, except for choosing style?
I need to have a Full MikTeX instalation?
Is there any video or text I could use to familiarze myself what to do?
To be completely honest, till your comment @pireddag I was not sure is BibTeX in use still, it looked to me like it was used in the past but not today, i.e., there is no newer posts about it.
This is really import Issue to solve for me and your help is indispensable.
I have a deadline, deadline is tomorrow to submit article. :grimacing:

If you have your article in TeXmacs, you are on Windows, and you need to fix details to submit, the best thing is

  1. Install MikTeX
  2. Export from TeXmacs to LaTeX
  3. Fix details in LaTeX
  4. Submit

If you have your paper in TeXmacs, you have to export to LaTeX to submit. It is best to do it before fixing details, as the fixes in TeXmacs may have to be re-done in LaTeX.

MikTeX does not have to be “full”: it is made so that one can install only the packages one needs (see option in the installer). If you are on Linux, probably TeX Live is better, but I may be wrong.

But I do not want to use LaTeX, I have used it long enough, I was hopping that TeXmacs is mature enough to be use le as a only tool.
Is it possible to modify some TeXmacs style to behave as Vancouver style. Are there any guide, examples, videos?

You mean your conference will accept a pdf? As far as I know no conference accepts TeXmacs source files.

Sorry, I have never tried, and my gut feeling is that this is something complex, that takes some time to master.
Here you find some hints: About bibliography in TeXmacs
When @mgubi writes in About bibliography in TeXmacs “Does not look difficult” he does not mean that you will succeed immediately (id est for you: today); he means that “one can learn how to do it progressively” (his words).

I think the best you can do for a submission tomorrow is to fix the details through LaTeX.

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By the way. If everything goes smoothly you might be able to let TeXmacs do all of the BibTeXing for you—by requesting the style files that you need (e.g. Vancouver). But you have to install at least BibTeX (and I think it is quicker to install a LaTeX distribution).

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Does any one knows is this project still usefull, can it run on the modern TeXmacs?

Never tried it, sorry. Maybe someone else knows.

I am starting to think that this could be the main reason why TeXmacs is not more popular. Simply speaking, there are hundres of bibliography styles and people need that flexibility. Pandoc supports many styles, LaTeX of course supports, while TeXmacs does not. Hence, those tool are much more popular…

It is a bit strange that after so MANY year there is no more styles ready to be used. APA and Vancouver are very common style…

Overall I agree with you. I think that there is not yet an easy way for people to contribute to TeXmacs and because of this there are just a few contributions. is a step in the right direction but I think TeXmacs needs more (by the way, it needs to link to tm-forge from its homepage, but that only @vdhoeven can do).

In the case of bibliography styles, though, you can use any BibTeX style, if you have BibTeX.

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I will try BibTeX tonight, wish me luck. What would @vdhoeven propose?
I really don’t want to go to back to LaTeX just because of Vancouver style bibliography.

TeXmacs is amazing tool and I would also like to work to make it more popular. We need to do something, where avarage user can come and read a simple tutorial how to the one thing user needs.

I do not know what he would propose; I wrote his name because he is the main author of TeXmacs and, as far as I know, the author of TeXmacs’ website as well: so the only person who can place a link in that website.

Perhaps a wikibook in the same way as, or an own wiki (using for example Dokuwiki)


Hi, here am I after MiKTeX installation. After installing I added the directory containing bibtex.exe to PATH in environment variable. I hope this will allow TeXmacs to locate and use BibTeX. But, I get Error with out any details, like this

On the other hand, there is a log file in … \AppData\Roaming\TeXmacs\system\bib
It is an AUX file and it is with this log:

I used 1,2,3 numbers as citation keys.

What I could do next? Is BibTeX find by TeXmacs?

It looks like the same error I had with MikTeX on Windows—while it worked on Linux.
I will try again, but I would be able to post in the late afternoon only. Maybe someone else can help (I saw your new thread).

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I would be grateful whenever you can test it. It seems there is no tutorial how to set up bibtex to work on windows anywhere on the internet.
I just commonted to an previous thread, I think