Beginner for TeXmacs

Dear TeXMacs users,

I am new to TeX Macs. Earlier I used Bakoma and now I try to replace this TeXMacs.

  1. How do I configure my own new commands here. E.g.

\affiliation{…\orgname{…}\orgdiv{… } … }

  1. Please advise is the same PDF preview (after compilation) I can able to get in TeX Macs view. If we need, what step need to follow here.

Best regards

I am not sure what you want. Anyways, TeXmacs is not a frontend of TeX/LaTeX, and it is supposed to be WYSIWYG — what you see on the screen is precisely what is on the PDF. If it does not act like this in some occasion, then there is a bug.

In particular, TeXmacs have its own macro system. You could consult The Jolly Writer for that.

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Adding to the answer that @re4zuaFe gave you, I would say.

  • It is possible to use TeXmacs as a system to prepare LaTeX document; the easiest strategy is, though, to first prepare the document in TeXmacs, then, when the document is ready, export into LaTeX, then tweak/customize the exported file.

  • Customizing the LaTeX export from inside TeXmacs is possible, I did not do it much and I do not grasp its possible limitations. We can try, but I do not know if you would be satisfied

  • For writing TeXmacs macros, it is easier for me to answer for a given macro than for macros in general (here the suggestion of @re4zuaFe to look into The Jolly Writer is a good one, I think.

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