Blurry png pictures

It seems png pictures are blurry in TeXmacs (This picture is not blurry in, for example, word):

in TeXmacs

in word

How to fix this?

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OK, I figure out that TeXmacs automatically scales the picture. For example, If I insert the picture directly, I get

Alternatively, if I manually scale the picture to its original resolution:

everything is perfect:

How can I make this behavior automated in TeXmacs?

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+1 Would be good to know this

@mistguy @spaceman What platforms are you using? Where do you download TeXmacs from?

Thanks for looking into this. I am using Windows.

I am using Windows 10, thank you for looking into this.

It is not possible to generate PDF files instead of PNG? That would be the best option for rendering. Maybe if you leave empty the width and height arguments TeXmacs will pick up the original size.

Yes, that is a good shout. Will give that a go.

On another related note, say we want to resize an image, I currently have to work out the aspect ratio of the image and resize width and height manually. Is it possible to automate the resizing when one of the variables is changed? E.g. if I change the height, then the width changes whilst maintaining the aspect ratio

I think you can obtain what you want if you leave the height blank.

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There was a related bug on the bug tracker:
This has recently been closed by @sadhen and seems to work well now, as far as I can tell.