Bug in pdf export

I found that for several fonts (e.g., Fira, Chalkboard, Chalkduster) the pdf export doesn’t work correctly with some standard math symbols. It seems like the corresponding virtual characters sometimes do not work as expected. There are no such problems with the standard Roman font and Stix.

Below you can see an example of such pdf export. I tested it with several pdf viewers with the same result:

This output corresponds to the following TeXmacs equation with Fira font as the document font:


P.S. I wanted to attach the corresponding TeXmacs files and the produced pdf files but didn’t find how to do it in this forum.

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As far as I know it is not possible to attach a TeXmacs file to a post—ones has to place them somewhere else and then post a link. Same for pdf files.

For the matter of the post I leave it to someone else (I do not know enough about it to be able to help).


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Thanks Giovanni!

The files can be found here:

TeXmacs file

The pdf file

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I confirm the problem. I could be useful to post a bug in savannah. It happens the same for PS and also PNG output.

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Thanks for your time, Massimiliano!
I submitted a bug report:

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