Can not delete macros and short cuts

I added some useless macros, but fail to delete them, even change their name.
I use macOS13.0, M2, and the version is 2.1.1 .

The same thing happened when I added a wrong keyboard shortcut.

Entering the Editing maros… or *Editing keyboard shortcut… * ,I found nowhere to delete them:sob:

Hi @slp114 welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, at present, you can only delete custom macros from the preambles. To access these macros, navigate to the preamble, which can be found under Document → Part → Show (Create) preamble or Source → Edit preamble. You can also use the shortcut provided alongside the menu item, such as Option + Command + P for macOS style. (If you cannot find Source on the main toolbar, then activate it under Tools → Source macros tool.) Once in the preamble, simply delete the macros you no longer need.

For custom keyboard shortcuts, you’ll find a remove button at the bottom of the shortcuts editor. Select the shortcuts you wish to delete and click remove.