Comma appears as italicized semicolon in verbatim within formulae

Title says it all: if you start a formula (inline or displayed), and then activate a \verbatim tag within that formula, any typed comma will instead appear as an italicized semicolon.

Is this intended behavior? I notice that comma + [tab] recovers a comma in the same environment, so I figure it might be. If so, why is that?

I’m on macOS Catalina, and I’ve tried it on two different machines (generic style, 1.99.17)—open invitation for anyone to let me know if you can reproduce it or not, though, because others haven’t been able to reproduce at least one of my apparent bugs in the past… :slight_smile:

EDIT: submitted as a bug on the bug tracker!

I see it on Windows. I do not understand why it should be so, so may be it is a bug. I would report it as a bug on the bug tracker (unless the developers tell me that on the opposite this is the way it should work).

I think is a bug. I do not see any meaningful use of \verbatim inside \math

Re: meaningful use of \verbatim inside \math, sometimes I want to represent the output of code within a mathematical expression! So, for example, a function call with two parameters in such a situation will involve a comma.