Confusing behaviour of "Framed theorems"

I would like to comment on the behavior of some of the environments such as theorems, exercises, examples, problems, definitions and proofs.

All of these have in their Preferences menu an option “Framed theorems”. This option is however only effective on some of them. Theorems and definitions are framed, but not exercises, examples, problems and proofs.

Furthermore, this behavior has changed since git commit 9ab93fa8aad4fee84d31a1a29d55f4a68a7959a6. Before this proofs and examples were framed as well. See the below screenshot:

I am wondering what the expected behavior is here. I would expect that every environment with the “Framed theorem” option should be framed. Preferably perhaps, there could be options to frame only some of the environments.

I have the below in my pre-amble to have everything framed. Note also that the render-proof macro is slightly altered from the current implementation, as currently, the qed sign ends up outside of the frame.





I think I like more the current behaviour. What is your specific suggestion? We could have a small style file which reimplements the old behaviour. It would be nice to find an (easy and not confusing) way for the user to set up things in a more liberal manner by selecting for each individual environment what they want. Personally I use a style where I want to select myself what to frame and what not, so I have specific tags from framing other environments. E.g. in lectures when I want to stress a particular theorem or remark, etc…

I now also style everything myself, but it may be tricky for a novice. I’ve learned a lot since that post :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps we could have one global framing settings for all theorem-like and remark-like tags and if that is under, an option for each specific variant appears. Like that the user can still have the current way of framing different tags at once, while allowing more fine-grained control for those who want it.