Convert Latex to TexMacs: eqnarray?

I’m new in TexMacs, but I have 20 years of experience with latex (using Texworks, Texmaker, Texstusio). I try to use TexMacs and try to understand its interesting ideology. I have already written many tex files and try to use them in TexMacs. I have a tex file written in revtex4-1. When I convert it to TexMacs, the environment eqnarray is displayed incorrectly. I have a single line instead of multiple lines balanced by sign =. How do fix this problem?

I found the reason for this behavior. In tex file I used macro \newcommand{\ann}{\allowdisplaybreaks \nonumber \} in the end of line instead \ . When I replaced \ann to \allowdisplaybreaks \nonumber \ then becomes everything ok.

The LaTeX -> TeXmacs conversion is not robust. Here is an article about that. When you have user defined macros, even as simple as \newcommand\xto{\xrightarrow}, the conversion will break. One needs to modify it to \newcommand\xto[1]{\xrightarrow{#1}}, say.

On the other hand, the style of document imported from LaTeX does not seem good in my eyes, and editing such an imported document seems to be sluggish (I don’t know why). For practical reasons, I recommend write a TeXmacs document from scratch. If you want some paragraphs from a LaTeX document, you can copy it and click Edit -> Paste from -> LaTeX.

I think if you have specific example it would be useful to share them in the bug tracker.