Cover page: no numbering, no header/footer

What’s the proper way to have a cover page, such that it’s numbering is skipped, no page number, no header, no footer?

If there’s no standard built-in way, then how can I make it so that a certain page does not show headers/footers without changing the headers/footers of the rest of the document?


Hi Rui,

Have you chosen “Book” as document style ? (you talk about cover, maybe your document style must be “Book” I suppose).


Hi Yibbou

No, it’s just a ~10-30 page long report that needs a first page with just title, logo, authors and stuff, that’s not numbered, as is common. I’ve chosen “article” but I am not sure if it’s the appropriate style.

Putting a <blanc-page> after the title on the first page does the trick of removing the header/footer.

I’m guessing the article style inserts <simple-page> with the title or something like that.


See Overriding page header / footer seems broken (2.11, Windows)?

I solved it by adding a <set-this-page-footer|> (a blank footer).