Curves in the drawing becomes nonsmooth when exported

If I select the drawing and exported the selection as a PDF or PNG, then curves such as Splines or Circles becomes nonsmooth:

However, if I export the document as LaTeX, the automatically generated images in PDF format is fine:

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Can you post here an example document? You might also want to file this as a bug report so that we can keep track of it, thanks!





I have just tried with the Appimage, and the selection exported as pdf looks just like your latex export. Where did you get TeXmacs 2.1.2 from?

I got it from github. I am running it on Macbook M1.

The version on the TeXmacs website works ok on Macbook M1, why don’t you give a try to see if you can reproduce the bug?

Ok, now I tried and indeed in the PDF export from the selection it looks jagged.

Alright. Your MacOs builds use the code for export-selection-as-graphics presently in the trunk, while the AppImage incorporates my proposed patch which changes that code. I don’t know why the trunk code would result in jagged lines in exported graphics tag, but empirical observation indicates the newer code is doing better for that. (Note however that with the patch, you can still hit bugs for complex selections… I’m working to improve that).