Customization of the title page

Your suggestion regarding the caption-detailed tag works well and thank you very much for that.

I take the liberty of asking you for another help, namely: how to obtain a title page with the following arrangement of its components.

1º. AUTHOR of the book at the top of the page.

2º. TITLE of the book in the central part of the page.

3º. SUBTITLE immediately under the title.

4°. OTHER REFERENCES (edition, contained figures, appendices, etc.) after the subtitle with adequate vertical space.

5°. DATA at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your attention.

There is some documentation on the customization of the title block (Help->Manual->Writing TeXmacs Style files, Section 4.7). You could also have a look at the style file for the book style to see how it’s done there (see TeXmacs/packages/header/title-book.ts).

@arrigo can as well read the mailing list thread and the forum thread Custom title page style / loading .scm module with relative path