Customize counter format for theorems

Hi all,

Is there a way to format the counter before theorems like this:

[section no].[counter within section]

And have each new section resets its counter?

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Hi @xade, do you mean like this?

  • Click on a theorem environment -> A theorem specific toolbar will appear
  • Click on the wrench
  • Select “Prefix by section number”

Find the video below demonstrating the action:



Yes it is how I wanted it. Thanks so much!

But currently, under the same chapter, corollaries, theorems and propositions share the same counter. Is there a way to make them count individually i.e. like below?

Chapter 1
Theorem 1.1
Theorem 1.2
Corollary 1.1

Yes. You need to enable “European Numbering Style”. It is in the same menu.

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Yes, indeed. Here is a demonstration: