Easy Goal-Driven tutorials for TeXmacs

Sorry for the spamming of posts. I am trying to configure TeXmacs a bit today since I really want to use it even more as a main driver, and a few things came up.

I know that everyone is working on this in their free time, and I am very grateful for having this software. I have been using it for my personal note-taking on and off for a few years now, but for me the biggest problem is that I feel I’d need to read the full manual to start really understanding texmacs and “making it mine”. Somehow, nearly every time I need to do something which I do not know how to do, I try searching it, normally do not find how to do it in a straightforward manner, and due to the pressure, I have to also do research give up.

If there would be a few small tutorials, on common but easy tasks (keyboard shortcuts, macros) which are complete (every step, every file you have to create) and show you some common things a beginner might want to do without expecting knowledge of scheme (just showing the scheme code), this could be used as a starting point, from which I’d then know the right keywords and would slowly discover all the features of texmacs and learn it.

As said, I know everyone is working on this for free, and I do not expect this to happen. I really love the software as is, even though I probably only touch the absolute tip of the iceberg, and I actually do actively advertise it to my colleagues since I hope to someday be able to have a team of collaborators who want to write texmacs with me. I just wanted to tell you how my experience as an end-user of texmacs is currently.

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I fully agree. We try to create useful content for the users. Some of it is here:


there are plain TeXmacs files, so you and anybody else are welcome to write down their notes, as they discover some feature and record their findings and then make a PR to the repository or just ask help to some of us to do it. They will be useful to everybody.

I personally have also the beginning of some notes in my blog. See e.g. https://mgubi.github.io/docs/zettels/scripting-webpages.html

Some more material and example are in tm-forge : https://github.com/texmacs/tm-forge

Also note that the main current reference is Joris’ book: “The Jolly Writer”: https://www.scypress.com/book_info.html


If @jacob gives me a bit of time I will try and write a tutorial for keyboard shortcuts. I think the info in the manual is pretty good but perhaps we can do a step-by-step version.

Let’s try :slight_smile:

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