Enable HTTPS for the forum

It would be great to enable https on this forum. I feel a bit uneasy about having a personal account with a password here while the login process is not encrypted.

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@sadhen is this possible? I have myself admin access, but I do not have any knowledge of this forum software. If somebody find out how to do it I can follow their instructions…

This looks like the official instructions:

Maybe you can run the setup again and it will install the site with https support (" Unless you are an expert sysadmin and know a reason not to do that, you should run discourse-setup rather than read any further.")

Thanks. @sadhen ? what do you think? There are reasons not to have HTTPS support?

Perhaps it could make sense to combine this with a move to forum.texmacs.org
The texmacs.org domain already has a Letsencrypt certificate.

BTW, currently texmacs.org does not redirect to the https site by default. But if you manually specify https it does work.

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Thanks for this piece of information. For users for the moment, one could set up a rule in the plugin “HTTPS Everywhere” (https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere).