Experimental TeXmacs wiki

Dear all,
Massimiliano started an experimental (so some of its features may change) wiki at https://texmacs.github.io/notes/. People can contribute through pull requests at https://github.com/texmacs/notes.
If the experiment is successful in a few weeks it could be linked to from the main TeXmacs webpage and so become more widely known.
I hope that can be, together with the mailing list and the forum, a place where users can contribute to the development of the software.

The discourse forum is notifying me as I write of two posts relevant to his topic, so I link to them here

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I spent some time on thinking about the scope and usefulness of the “blog/wiki”. I think it should be seen as a place where shared knowledge about TeXmacs can be condensed and made persistent. In this regard, even if I initiated a page with “wishes”, it should not be considered a place where people put bugs or generic requests for improvement, I do not think this is useful to the large community and there are better places for attract the attention of the developers (i.e. the texmacs-dev mailing list and the bug tracker). So I would suggest we collect in the blog various constructive material like snippets, examples, use cases, history, personal workflows, etc… anything that can help other users and it is worth sharing.