Exporting projects (multifile documents)

I have written a large paper as a multifile document with inclusions. I would like to export it to LaTeX before posting it on arXiv. It seems that if I export the main file as LaTeX not only does it not export the subordinate files but it does not even write the \include macro into the main exported tex. It seems that the only way to deal with this is to manually export all the subfiles and then compose the master file by hand and “include” the subordinate files. Is there any more efficient way. A simple one would be, e.g. first exporting the project file to a unique Texmacs global file and then exportin THAT to TeX. Is there functionality to do this?

I actually found a solution.

In the project tools (Menu->Tools->Project) there is the option “expand inclusions” this actually substitiutes the contents of the included files into the Texmacs document.

Make sure to make a temporary copy of your file because this drastically modifies the contents of your document and you cannot go back!!!

Then export THAT to LaTeX!


This would also be a good bug to have fixed :slight_smile:

See some comments on this type of bug here:

I agree. It also seems easy to fix. @jeroen, can you add some remarks about conversion to LaTeX to that bug report? I’m a bit busy lately, hope to have some more time from September on.