Fast transformation: displayed formula -> several equations

The usual problem when makes the paper. One starts displayed formula but during the typing observes that one needs for several equations. Is it possible to transform fast the formula already made to several equations?

There has been an announcement of the feature on the mailing list (, but I tried the shortcut right now (C-&) and it did not work. Maybe someone knows more.
The revision 13156 JvdH refers to should correspond to either 1.99.17 or 1.99.18 (did not try to figure it out) so the feature should be available in the current version and in fact one finds equation->eqnarray in math-edit.scm and the C-& shortcut in math-kbd.scm

There is also the Scheme code in the same thread (, that one can add to its my-texmacs-init.scm, but I do not know what to expect if one tries that.

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Thank you, it works for me. It finds = and transforms equation to eqnarry. My version 1.99.19.

Thanks to you I have understood it now—it needs an = sign to work.

Connecting question: what about opposite transformation? From eqnarry to equation or even to inline equation?

You can use Ctrl-& again :slight_smile:

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