Footnotes not showing within a wide-tabular


I inserted a footnote within a wide-tabular, tformat and table. The note appears inline but not on the bottom of the page.


Is there a specific reason, how do I show the footnotes?

Here is the Texmacs code:



      <yes-indent>H�die, si vocem ejus audi�ritis, nol�te abdur�de corda
        Invitatoire de Matines, tir� du Br�viaire romain (Ps. 94).




Thank you

I think this is a known limitation of TeXmacs; the Jolly Writer (, section 7.4.1 describes a workaround. Pls. let me know if this helps or if you need more detailed explanations. By the way I have tried it once, but I do not remember trying to put the footnotes at the bottom of the page if there are other footnotes in the main text, so I do not know if that requires more steps.

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