Full screen mode has black UI background

In View > Full screen mode TeXmacs looks like this for me:

I don’t think this is supposed to happen, some of the text is not readable because of the black background. I am on Arch Linux KDE, and I installed TeXmacs (2.1.1-1) from the extra repo. In the windowed mode it looks fine, as a workaround I just set the window to full screen in KDE.

You can use the Edit->Preferences menu to change the “theme”, does it helps? Which version of Qt does Arch Linux ships?

I was using the Bright theme, which made the text black so it was invisible, but using the dark theme or the native theme (Breeze Dark) in fullscreen seems to help as now the text is white so you can see it (though using the native theme still uses the light theme icons, so they aren’t very visible, and I don’t know how to change it, and some of the text is still black). The background is still black though. When using the legacy theme (which uses the native theme text colour so it isn’t readable either), going into fullscreen mode and then returning to windowed seems to preserve the black bg partially:

My Qt version is 5.15.2 .

Same problem here in Mac OS. I have issued a bug report before.

It was fixed in v1.2.5.1 now:

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