Gnuplot doesn't work on Windows 10 -- only shows Busy

I have TeXmacs 2.1.2 and gnuplot 5.4.3 installed in my Windows 10 machine. I have also added the gnuplot executable to the windows path environment variable. However, whenever I try to open a gnuplot session, the input just hangs at busy.

I have python installed via Anaconda and the python session on TeXMacs seems to be working fine.

Hi @jmhimara. Does the plugin issue an error message?

A possibility is that the plugin is expecting python3 as Python command in the operating system, while you may have python. In this case we need to instruct TeXmacs to look for that.

I made a video on Bilibili in Chinese for configuring the gnuplot plugin on GNU TeXmacs.

It may help you!

And gnuplot 5.4.3 does not work. You should use gnuplot 5.2.7. As I explained in the gnuplot documentation or in the bilibili video.

Thanks, I’ll try it. I have seen some older forums about gnuplot 5.3 not working, but I thought the issues were fixed in 5.4.