GNUPLOT not working

I have noticed that gnuplot pluggin is not working .
I have tried on several pc computers in windows 10 and windows 11
I have tried with version 5.2.8 and with the last version of gnuplot 5.4.3
python 3.8 is installed from the microsft store
With insert picture -> plot the menu opens and when the fields are filled and the exec order is given texmacs hangs and has to be restarted
with open session -> gnuplot -> the session opens but the drawings are not plotted
any suggestion on what can be wrong?



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Problem partially solved, it was actually a combination of two problems
1.- gnuplot 5.4.3 does not work from texmacs, gnuplot 5.2.8 works
2.- but x^2 is not recognized in the example I used (i did not remember x**2)
So last version of gnuplot does not work from texmacs, what is probably a known fact

I can confirm that Image->Plot->Curve doesn’t work here either with Gnuplot 5.4. I can create plots in Session->Gnuplot and in Fold->Executable->Gnuplot. Perhaps using a fold can be a temporary workaround for you? I’ll have closer look at the curve plot functionality later.

Apologies, it does actually work for me (with Gnuplot 5.4.2). I was using the wrong installation of TeXmacs on my computer.

Hi i have reinstalled both texmacs and gnuplot and I can confirm that in three computers, all of them in windows, Gnuplot 5.4.3. does not work and 5.2.8 does.
But I have tried with Texmacs 2.1.1

If i install from slowphil none of gnuplot versions work

btw in Maxima last version a coment is made in changelog that the last version of gnuplot is not included because pipes are not working properly. Perhaps it is the same problem.


Seems like it:
It should be fixed in the next version.

Well, I found the same problem alone without reading this thread.

I added a WARNING for Windows user:

The warning message will be available for the next release (perhaps 2.1.3) of GNU TeXmacs 2.1.2.


Just to comment that with the last version of GNUplot (5.4.5) the problem seems to have disappeared.