How can I reference subfigures

I am able to align multiple small imgaes in a Figure environment using a table quite painlessly.

Normally, in latex I typeset it like this: I have some subfigures, each having its own label.
But I only have one Figure caption for the whole figure. The labels are just for referencing the subfigures in the main text. The Figure normally has a number, while the subfigures have labels like 1a, 1b etc

Is something like this Possible in Texmacs?

Thank you!

If noone has a nice way of labelling subfigures I have a hacked and ugly one, that starts from here: How to insert caption to graphics in the table so that they get properly converted?. Let us wait a bit.

A possible method/hack is

  • Insert a “Big figure”
  • Insert a label in the caption
  • Go into the body of the figure (where the images go)
  • Insert an “enumerate alpha” element
  • Remove the item “a)” that appears
  • Insert a table (while remaining in the empty enumerate enviroment)
  • Inside the table cells, insert \item elements, which will display “a)”, “b)”, etc.
  • Inside the items, insert labels

Now you can refer the the figure number by the first label and refer to the items separately with the “sublabels”.