How can I type and get \dagger in math mode?

When I tried to type \dagger (it’s very common in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory) in math mode, I just find that the tag doesn’t work. Then I search the toolbar and the menu(Insert->Symbol) and I believe I can’t find this symbol in both places. When I google it, says \dagger should be fine… It’s confusing.

In order to use \dagger, now I have to: 1. type ^ to create a superscript 2. use \text command 3. copy † as a text…, which is ugly and inconvenient. Besides, the formulae inputted in this way cannot be copied to another place. This is rather annoying.

So, do anybody know how I should insert \dagger in math mode properly?
p.s. TeXmacs version:1.99.11

In math mode just type + and use the tab key twice (+ tab tab)



I works! Thank you.

Now I can open the document in text editor, and find the right tag for dagger should be \dag .

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