How do I exit from this modality of TeXmacs?

Hi guys, I don’t know I’ve entered in this modality of Texmacs, someone can help me? It’s an importante document and I need to return at the correct et visualisation.
Thanks for help me.

You are in “edit document source” mode:



The shortcut to enable/disable it is Meta-Alt-S. Under windows that corresponds to Esc + Alt-S

After exiting the mode I suggest restrarting TeXmacs. I have filed a bug: TeXmacs often becomes very sluggish after having had enabled source mode in a given run in a given file (you can also just close the file and reopen it)


Also, welcome to the forum! TeXmacs has a bit of a learning curve at the beginning (at least I found when I started around a year ago). We are happy to answer questions here. If you are confused about something, please feel free to ask. Experiences of new users are important to identify where friction might appear when starting to use this program