How enlarge fonts of menu?

I changed the monitor to 4k and some parts of menu become very small. Fonts of menubar (upper line) I enlarged by qt5ct configuration. But some fonts still are very small (see below). How could I enlarge them? The same question for icons. I have enlarged them for maximum but they are still small.

Hi @JoePass. Have you tried the high resolution icons setting under View -> High resolution settings?

Edit: it doesn’t seem to affect font size in the toolbars.

O, yes. I wrote, “I have enlarged them for maximum”. It affects only for the size of icons and font size in documents. I played with parameters QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR and QT_SCALE_FACTOR, but these options very enlarge fonts menu, but just a little bit those fonts which I need. The famous packages like Wolfram Mathematica and TexStudio have a special file with special names for configuration qt parameters. In Mathematic it is frontend.css and in TexStudio - stylesheet.qss. Maybe there is the same possibility in Texmacs? For Texmacs I used config for all qt applications by program qt5ct. It is rather uncomfortable. But the question is still open - configuration of qt does not change size fonts which I noted above.
I forget about my system - Linux Mint Mate 20.2 (based ubuntu 20.04) and TeXmacs version 2.1.

I sent a message to the mailing list with a link to this question:

Maybe someone will be able to help.

Thank you. I suppose that it must be usual problem with 4k monitors.

In general this seems to be an issue with Qt 5.

The Qt 4 binaries from the official web site seems to be working with the HiDPI screens on Linux…

I do not understand you. I use the official deb file as PPA: deb focal universe .

I can confirm that downloading the prebuilt archives from the sections “Downloading” and using the command line as described in “Unpacking” here works on recent Manjaro with Plasma(KDE) desktop.

I just now verified and started binaries as you wrote. The same problem as was in my first post above.

I just now started binaries from official site. The same problem. I guess that it is better to make some item in user preferences with possibility to change fonts of this sub menubar.