How to add words to autocompletions

Sometimes it is quite disturbing to write the long terminology. For example, in our field, ‘homeomorphisms’, ‘homeomorphic’ and such. If one wanted to complete the word ‘homeomorphism’ after typing only ‘homeo’, TeXmacs can only use tab-completion if it finds a ‘homeomorphism’ already present in the document.

How do I add these words to autocompletion without their presence, in particular when you have a blank document?

I don’t know how to auto-complete, but it seems to me that you can define macros to collect the terminologies you want. For example, you can create a package named after topology for all terminologies in topology. You can even use the localize macro to get a multilang macro like (assign "wmap" (macro (localize "map"))) (you need to enrich the dictionary in, say,

I use kbd-map actually, it is not as convenient.