How to change footnote font size?

I need footnotes to be 11pt, but I don’t know how to set them beyond manually formatting each one. If the macro or source needs to be edited, please explain how to do so, as I can’t find my way in the pop-up windows.

One way is to change the definition of render-footnote*; paste the following with Paste from -> TeXmacs into your preamble.

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And where is preamble located? When I paste it in Documents->Edit Style (after Creating preamble), nothing seems to happen

Hmmm it should already happen, try and do Tools->Update->Style.
On the other hand I suggest you to leave the default styles as they are, because they would be written over when you update TeXmacs version.

You can edit the preamble of the document by Document->Part->Create preamble and Document->Part->Show preamble; untick to edit the body of the document. In this case the changes should be immediately applied to the document.

Please let me know if it works in either way.

The latter option (Documents->Part etc.) seems to be working. Thanks man!