How to change page numbering

I would like to make my Table of contents look like this

Is there any solution to have different style of page numbering within the same document.

I tried quickly and the following seems to almost work.




for switching between representations of numbers


to restart numbering

Pages after <assign|page-nr|1> get numbered starting from 1, but not in the table of contents. It may be necessary to change another environment variable, I do not yet know which one. Maybe someone knows. I will be able to investigate more in the next days.

I think that the redefinitions of the page numbering format can be inserted, for example, in a chapter-like environment that adds the redefinitions to the standard chapter macro.

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How to insert


in TeXmacs.
Should it be from insert>>paste from>> TeXmacs? in the text file or in the preambule?


Pls. try in the text, at the point in which you would like the number format to change. I think it might be good to insert this in the definition of chapter, but I have to postpone working on that.

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Thank for your reply, Here is what i get with paste from TeXmacs.
I wanted to write here I or II , but I can’t modify the n.a

This works perfectly, thank you

I am glad that it works but I did not understand what it is that works.

Now I am getting

I don’t know why it start with VIIinstead of ```I````
Also I would like to start table of content with 1 and not with 5

I need some time—at least a few days—to try and figure out how to modify the table of contents, sorry. Perhaps in the meantime someone else will be able to help you.

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