How to customize css in TeXmacs


I’m new to TeXmacs. I’m trying to customize the icons and font size in TeXmacs. On Linux, I noticed there is a file share/TeXmacs/misc/themes/standard-light.css. I can tweak many details of the UI. The modification would change appearance once I reload TeXmacs.
However, on Mac, I only found the same file in /Application/ subfolder, there is no change even though I’ve modified the css file. Do someone know how can I do that on Mac?

Thank you.


There are various appearences available and some of them rely on the mentioned css files while other not. Try to go in “Preferences->General” and choose a different “User interface theme”, for example “Light”. This would hint TeXmacs to use the CSS, I believe.


Thank you very much! It’s great to know that TeXmacs is can load the different css file for the appearance!