How to define a shortcut to embold a selected word

Hi all,

I can select a word, and use Format -> Font effects -> Embold to make it bold.
How to define a shortcut to implement it after selecting a word, or is there a default shortcut for it?


If you are interested in the “semantic highlighting” strong you can use the shortcut which is indicated in the menu under Insert -> Content Tag -> Strong.

If you are interested in “bold” (like you wrote), you’ll have to define your own shortcut. You find out the command either searching with Linux tools (e.g. ack) in the TeXmacs Scheme directories or through GitHub or looking at the source code that you produce by selecting a menu item.

I am not proficient with ack so I did a GitHub search (using the keyword “embold”, which appears in the menu item name) and I found
(make 'embold)

Please let me know if you need instructions on how to define a personal shortcut.


Thank you, G, for both giving me the answer and the way you find it!

In case that other people may need the explicit code, I will share the relevant part of mine below:

    (:mode in-math-not-hybrid?)
    ("C-A-b" (make 'embold)))

which is put in ~/.TeXmacs/progs/my-init-texmacs.scm for linux users. Then restart TeXmacs, and embold is available by pressing ctrl + alt + b.