How to indent every paragraph?

How do I indent every paragraph? Currently, if I use indent-paragraphs package, the paragraphs following other environments (e.g., section headings, math expressions) are not indented.

I know this is possible because the built-in amsart style indents all paragraphs. However, I don’t want to use this style.

This seems to work


I copied it from the amsart style. I do not know why it is <assign|par-first|<macro|12pt>> and not <assign|par-first|12pt>. Perhaps @jeroen or @mgubi or @sadhen know?

Edit: after additional investigations, you need to redefine as well sectional-normal and sectional-centered, which in e.g. the generic style are






That is, you need to delete the <sectional-no-indent> macro from them.

I think the reason is that par-first is assumed to be a macro returning the value, this allows the possibility to make it depends on other variables or more complex computations depending on the current environment.

It did not work for me. Where did you put this line?

I tried to put it into preamble, and I don’t see first paragraph indented. Trying to edit generic.ts doesn’t work either, since TeXmacs does not allow me to modify it.

Edit: putting <assign|par-first|<macro|12pt>> in the preamble results in every paragraph indented except for the ones right below section headings.

I notice that even amsart style does not indent paragraphs that are right below equations. That is what I want most since not indenting paragraphs makes it very difficult to know whether the words under the equations belong to the original or a new paragraph.

Please add



to the preamble and you will have the paragraphs below section. For the equations:


and as far as I understand one needs to redefine every environment after which there is no indent by default while he wants to have indents, because it is not possible to redefine the <no-indent*> macro (“don’t indent after”), which is used in these environments to prescribe the absence of an indent, that is it is not possible to redefine <no-indent*> e.g. to do nothing.

Please let me know if now it works for you (keeping in mind that you might have to redefine some other environments).

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Thanks for the response.

Honestly, I don’t know how to paste this into preamble. I looked here and here but don’t really know how to just paste.

In the menu: Edit -> Paste from -> TeXmacs


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