How to make texmacs more emacs-like

We know texmacs can “look and feel” like emacs, however, I find this mode is not enough.

That said, I mean there are many shortcuts rely on F1-F12, which are uncomfortable. This problem becomes especially serious if one uses HHKB, where F1-F12 are inserted by press fn+1-fn+=

So my question is how to avoid this annoyance. Or I hope the developers can make texmacs more emacs in its mode.

Personally, I seldom use F1-F12 in GNU TeXmacs. I also use HHKB.

As an Emacs user, I love how TeXmacs integrates so many Emacs shortcuts. After making documents like these, I have identified some suggestions to improve the Emacs “look and feel”:

C-g : cancel action (ex: to close a search operation invoked by C-s or cancel an Emacs prefix command that is already mid-way formed).

C-x u : undo action (in addition to current M-[)

Mimic Emacs’ default Meta / Super key mapping (on a logitech keyboard, Emacs by default treats “Alt” key as “Meta” and “Super” key as “Super”. TeXmacs seems to treat “Alt” key as “Alt” and “Super” as “Meta”. Documentation inertia?