How to move page number to bottom of page?

I am using the book style. Some page numbers are on the left. This makes it bad to print. How do I move the page numbers to the bottom.

Under Document->Page there is a “Headers” pane which I expect will help you to set the page numbers how you want them.


Thanks, but now I’m getting two page numbers. How do I remove the old one ?

May be these preferences are saved in a section which is not accessible through the TeXmacs editor, the “initial” “collection” section, the only way that I know of modifying it is with a text editor (there is likely a better way).

Here is an example document







The issue I’m trying to fix is the position of the numbers on the left on even pages. I am printing every page on a single paper. Is it possible to move all numbers to the left ?

In another thread I made some suggestions to change the footer from arabic to roman numerals. Did you put any of these in your document or the header? They may be interfering with other changes made to the footer.

I did and removed them, but saw no effect. I’m actually doing it manually with a pdf editor, page by page. Deadline is tomorrow. The printing place told me it doesn’t make sense for the number on pages to be on the left if you’re printing each page on a separate paper.

If you want to make sure there are none left, you can use the search tool and insert \assign followed by the Enter key into the search box. You can also open the file in a text editor and look for assign.

If you want to get the page number in the middle of the page, you can put tabs on both sides, by going to Document->Page->Headers, as @pireddag mentioned, and use the buttons on the bottom to insert: Tab, then Page number, then Tab again.